Tuesday, March 31, 2015

My Social Media Rules

Risking of being branded as self-obsessed, I still thought of penning down a few basic rules that I follow while (not) responding to a post written on various social media outlets:

I generally don't' respond to questions or posts or articles :

  • Of personal nature on Twitter or LinkedIn. I use twitter for academic purpose and LinkedIn for career.
  • Birth Days, Anniversary etc. on any sites. There are just too much of it around. Plus you already know I mean Well to all of you :)
  • A Sad news on Facebook. Obviously I care for you enough and so how can I "like" it ?!!
  • General Greetings (Hello, Hi, Good Morning etc.). I reserve these for in-person encounter.  Think we all should do our part to save the planet from un-required jitter.
  • Any joke, article, event, appeal explicitly asking me to forward/comment/like it. If I like it, i will do it myself. Most often than not, these are data-harvesting tricks. And seldom these are  funny or anything out of ordinary.
  • Any narration or claim of historic or scientific nature, unless I can do some basic fact-check myself. Mostly these are urban legends and a way to disseminate mis-information.
  • Any discriminatory jokes, or multi-media involving minor, race, caste, color, religion etc. Plus be ready to get a harsh response from me, the idea of which is to hit the original creator through this "reverse-forward" mechanism (You will copy-n-paste my reply to the your poster who would in turn paste it to his and so forth). 
So If I didn't' "like" your cute little puppy picture on FaceBook last week, now you know why ..


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