Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Apps Bandwagon

Unlike a regular blog post, where you try to impart your newly earned knowledge or share experience, I thought of writing this one with the sole purpose of asking questions.
Not sure if I understand the whole rush towards Mobile Apps & hence this post.

Why Not Apps ?
  • After all browsing & searching information with a fewer clicks (sorry taps), it made our lives so easy.
  • Apple & Google, ie some of the most successful companies doing it.
  • About a million apps already developed, so it must a new hip thing, rt ?
  • What better way of constant advertisement & reminder then to put a a nice little company's logo (& the apps) on your screen.
  • One can use it offline (well not always but that's what they can probably make u believe)
  • Most users usage pattern reveals using a few well known applications again and again. Installing them makes sense.
Why Apps at the first place ?

  • Do I really want to search for app store (or marketplace), log in to app store to install, accept licensing agreement etc just for a quick browse. Yes, the businesses would like me to do that , so that i am invested into that apps and keep using that rather than exploring others. But is that the best usage of my time.
  • And what about the resource ? App's installed image occupy storage and its in memory for most of the smart-phones, rt ?
  • Now an app must be doing some regular book keeping stuff before servicing my "taps" right, like  caching, authorization & authentication, session management , favorites etc. Do I really trust 100 different apps to do these in the most effective and secure way for me ? After-all its my data and my resource. When we pick a browser in laptop/computer world , that browser does these works for me and i am not concerned if Bank of America or CNN is really setting up secure connection for me or not or if they are really cleaning up my temp files once i am done or not, right ? its the browser's responsibility. Don't I  need to do the same diligence before picking up and installing and app or just go by 'Apple and Google
My Dream Browser
I know the current mobile browser lacks a few things that renders it out of competition to the apps' world. But what if it had those features like:
  • smart auto completion & favorite features so that
    • one can find (or type in) an address in as few steps as possible
    • can create and maintain & pick from his favorite list in as few steps as possible
  • can choose to view/save pages up-to few level (customizable) deep in offline mode
  • has the build in hardware access (camera, gps etc.) the same way an apps has
  • And while we at it, what about having a single or reduced sign on feature thru the browser. After-all everything is stored on our smart-phones rt, so why this nagging & repeating re-login messages.

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