Wednesday, March 16, 2011

How to loose an IT Project in 10 days

Sarcastic as it may sound but knowing how you mesh up a project gives you a better understanding on how to run is successfully.
And hence the need for this post. Pretty much the same way, they did that famous movie  :)

The Perception Problem
Don't get surprised if you hear this word again and again 'Perception is everything' or 'first impression is the last one'. specially if you are at the client site whom your company is charging hundreds of dollars/hourly sending you as a can-do-it-all guy.
And you are wondering : how much of that money trickles down to you ?probably none right, because you're a fixed hourly or annual rate. 
But jokes aside, wont' your client preferred that you asked qs and solved them rather than risked your perception, assumed things and kept billing them and billing them & billing them..

May sound like same point as above but the difference is you going one step further by compartmentalizing your team again with the fear of so called perception problem.
Whatever happened to that openness and collaboration. 
Not much since you want to loose the  project anyways.

Me The Boss
An organizational chart can do the trick albeit in a slower speed. If you can afford time and enjoy slow and painful killing of your IT organization, use this route. Make sure that your organizational chart (or some form of it)  is visible everywhere; on your site, all floors, break room, in all communiques/emails/memos, and what-the-hell even in your restrooms :) And those little guys who actually do the work, should be as little as possible in a wall size diagram.  

You all have seen a wheel, why not to reinvent 
 Who is not after the raising the bottom line. Since you all have seen a wheel, why not to reinvent it, especially since the client is ready to pay for it, right ?

After all you can always hide behind that 'privacy' curtain for not sharing the design of your earlier wheel and then charge for reinventing that you never need to do. Classic, rt ?

And if you have T&M project, there is the need to look at client's previous work either. Reuse is for fixed price pilot projects, just to gain customer's trust. You already have it now. Enjoy !!

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